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product name

Corner Connector Automatic Heavy-duty Cutting Saw for Aluminum Door and WINDow

product description

Main specifications and technical parameters:

power supply: 380v 50Hz

Cutting motor power: 3kw

Motor rotary speed: 2880r/min

Operation air pressure: 0.6~ 0.8MPa

Air consumption : 200L/min

Auto-feeding length

Cutting length:no limit when selected manual mode

Cutting speed:0-3m/min

Blade specification:500× 30× 4.4× Z120

Blade W and H: max140× 140 mm

Cutting surface planeness : ≤ 0.10mm

Cutting surface verticality:≤ 0.1mm

Cutting surface roughness: Ra12.5μm

Contour dimension : 5670 mm× 1770mm× 1840mm (长×宽×高 )

weight: 500kg


Equipment features

Used for corner connector of the aluminum profile and pladstic profile cutting

Imported carbide saw blade is of accurate processing and high efficiency

High-power motor make the cutting easily

Linear bearing motion pair gave less resistance force and ensures high processing accuracy

The PLC control and auto-feeding system with high efficiency is suitable for large volume production

It has features of easy operation reliable performance advanced technique and convenient maintenance ect

Extensive range of processing dimension and suitable material                           

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