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Accompaniment Chair

product description

Accompaniment chair

1. Used mainly in the wards of the hospital, the function of the accompaniment chair is for rest as the chair and the bed.when the accompanied person is tired. It also can be used in the family for rest and entertainment.

2. Its structure has two models: one is designed with two side-armrests,(see left) the other one is without it.(see right)

3. It can occupy the small area, comfortably and elegant, portable and removable, conveniently replicating, strong practicability.

4. The structural model and the fur material of the chair are optional by the clients.

Technical parameter:

Size in folding condition:

With armrest: 650*500*850(mm)

Without armrest: 650*435*850(mm)

Size in unfolding condition: 1770*440*410(mm)


With armrest: about 20 kg

Without armrest: about 18 kg

Welcome everybody to use our products or cooperate with us whatever the field at home or at hospital

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