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The Liquid Package Machine for the Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Detailed Product Description


This machine is used for filling the Chinese herbal juice into the bag.


Machine Characteristics:

  1. 2+1 model automatic decocting and packing combination machine for Chinese herbal medicine being with two decocting boilers,they can working at the same time and packing at the different time,the function is the same as the two decocting machine and one packing machine,save space.

  2. The machine is controlled by the computer,automatically finish the process of the decocting and packing.In the decocting process,the motor drives the mixing axle for automatic mixing,which accord with the Chinese medical traditional theory,decocting completely.decocting in high rate.

  3. The powder coated body,the boiler body is stainless steel.

  4. The process from decocting to packingis controlled by the computer controller automatically:70-250ml/bag can be set up by the user,simple operation,safe and reliable economatical and practicality.

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