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The core values of the company: sincere service and benefit the people .
Wealth is taken from the society, and will ultimately be dedicated to the society , based on benevolence and love, and dedication as the source .
The company's aim: to meet customer needs and maintain customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of the company .
The starting point of all the work of the enterprise is the customer demand. Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of the enterprise. Depending on the customer as their own relatives, we treat each customer with the filial piety. This is what every employee needs to do .
The concept of corporate people: first to be a man, then to do things .
Be honest, be serious and do things. Only by being a qualified person can you make qualified things, and you must do things with people who have virtue .
Entrepreneurial spirit: unity, truth-seeking and innovation .
Unity means treating colleagues as their own brothers; seeking truth is seeking for practical results, and everything starts from reality; innovation is the unremitting pursuit of never satisfied, seeing goodness, that is, thinking .