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About Sanming

Shandong Sanming International Machinery Co., Ltd headquartered Jinan High-Tech Industry Development Zone,which contained 15,000m2.The second production base located at Jinan Lingang Economic Development Zone,and spaced 35,000m2.The company has been for 26 years, which have more than 300 employees.The company holds two sub-factories:the painting factory and the machinery manufacture.We are good at spray-paint ,baking vanish ,dacromet,machinery process, plate metal process , machinery process,punch press and stretching, welding, tool manufacture and so on . Our products are like below ten series: desk and chair for student , office furniture, physical training equipments,storage shelf,Chinese herb decocting machine , insulating glass machines, kinds of grouting machine and mixers and geothermalback-filling materials etc.the production value per year exceed 100 million yuan,and the export made profit in foreign currency about dozens million yuan.Our products had passed ISO 9001 Qaulity Control System certificate.


Equipment possession: Our machines have more than one hundred available equipments of metal cut, weld, punch &press E-CONTROL punch, cut, bend, plate metal, wiring- cutting,painting,shot-blasting,sandblast etc.